Baby haul: Plushies from Jellycat

IMG_4935Dear Bun,

Told myself, just one, I was going to get just one for you and place it in the cot for you to snuggle with.  But from just one toy, it became a family of four!  Yup, Daddy was not pleased at all!  He threw me his disapproving and judgy look when I wanted to add the Purple Blossom Pony into your collection.  I had a good excuse though, it’s to commemorate your birth year.  Plus, two of the four from your collection was gifted, so that doesn’t quite count right?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI heart these super soft plushies from Jellycat.  I often buy them for friends as gifts for they really make a cute addition to the nursery.  Never imagined I would be so hooked on them as a first-time Mom.  I actually brushed having soft toys aside because I didn’t really think you will need any.  Then I saw the Squiggle Puppy and my heart melted into a puddle of goo <sigh.. those pregno hormones>.  I had my eyes set on it because we are such huge doggie lovers and I really wanted you to start off being one too.  Thus these ‘not-so-subtle’ doggy nuances in your toys.  Hehe…

Okay, I’m now on an official self-imposed Jellycat shopping ban.  No more plushies from Jellycat for you as you will be rotating with these ones for a long time to come.  Your Daddy will make sure you do just that!

Love: Momma


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