Where it’s just the 2 of us

Date nights.. these will become ‘legendary’ many have warned when Bun physically arrives.  But funnily, the Man and I just don’t feel it hitting us hard yet.  Maybe we aren’t your ‘exclusive’ type of people where we virtually have to spend all our waking moments together.  Perhaps being first-time parents in the later stage of our lives, we’ve also had the coupling time spent years ahead.  The 7 odd years that we’ve been married, it really does feel like we done all the crazy things that we wanted to.  Well, let’s see.  For now, date nights are pretty much confined to movies and eating.  Very focussed as you can tell.  Hehe..

So we headed back to our fave restaurant – Jaan for a legendary meal prepared by our fave chef, Chef Julien.

IMG_5536The menu recently changed a little as well.  Loved the new starters that they shared with us.  The only thing unchanged in this mix is the hummus served with flatbread.

IMG_5537“Ocean” – Seafood composition with oscietra caviar.  Chef has been traveling loads recently so the food that was presented reflected his travel tales.  Despite this dish having loads of raw elements, I did enjoy it very much for they were all fresh.  To be fair, the Chef did also ask if I had any dietary restrictions.  Well, again, I abide by the ‘everything in moderation’ rule-of-thumb and no oysters if I can help it.  🙂


Zucchini ‘Tumbetta” – Burrata artigiana, tomato collection and Nicoise olives.  A fresh take on zucchini that would covert non-veggie lovers.  And the pasta looking thing?  That’s zucchini pasta.  Yumz!

IMG_5539 Milk poached white asparagus with organic egg yolk ravioli and burnt bread.  This has gotta be my fave dish for the night!  A seemingly simple dish, I love the way the egg yolk is concealed in the pasta.  The sauce was wonderful and it went really well with the smoked asparagus which was a rather unusual way of prepping the vegetable.


Confit Rainbow Trout with Kagoshima pork, brocolini and miso.  To be honest, when this dish was served, I took a look at it and went ‘Hmm, I’m in trouble!  Half-cooked salmon?  Not sure how I will stomach it in!‘  But after taking a couple of mini bites of the rainbow trout (duh- not salmon), it actually tasted pretty good.  The Man who’s usually not a fish-fan polished his off the plate while I left some on mine because I felt bad ingesting too much raw food for one night. IMG_5541Brittany Blue Lobster with Cevennes onions, coquillages and leeks.  What’s not to love about lobster?   🙂

IMG_5542Hay-roasted pigeon with corn, bread and liquorice jus.  We had this previously but I enjoyed how they try not to repeat the veggies used.  Enjoyed the freshness of the sweet corn.

IMG_5544Usually by this time of the dinner, my tummy would be filled with limited space for dessert.  But I figure Bun is one who really loves her sweets so yup, there’s always room for dessert!  The Strawberry Feuilles A Feuilles was superb for I was secretly hoping that it would be a citrus one that would tingle the tastebuds and it did cause her to kick in joy!  She must love it too!

IMG_2027And it was a lovely night spent with my crazy ‘Date-night’ bud (sans alcohol since he’s recovering and I basically can’t have too much alcohol for now)!  May we never forget to Eat, Drink and be Merry in our journey.  Looking forward to that one day, when she’s old enough, Bubba will also join us in our feasting adventures.  🙂

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