Baby bump fashion

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the things I actually worry about apart from the 1 million other things was ‘What is there to wear?’  Frankly, I didn’t know if I was going to balloon but I knew the outfits for maternity or buying them may pose a potential problem.

Friends were quite kind to share where they got their maternity wear and some even passed on their clothes to me.  I managed to survive a good part of the pregnancy with my current wardrobe simply because most of the clothes I have are of a looser fit.  But I’ve also gone out to purchase maternity wear as a back-up as some friends shared that I probably get longer mileage if I get them earlier in my pregnancy.

So bear with me as I summarise the maternity fashion tips with a walk down memory lane on my baby bump fashion.

Rummage your current wardrobe with a fine-tooth comb and search for ‘treasures’ that can accommodate your bulging belly but remember comfort is key!

I do have a lot of dresses for work as they are the easiest thing to slip on without worrying if the top matches the bottom.  So what I did was to sort out the dresses that were flowy or loose and tucked them in a corner which I mentally labelled Maternity Wear.

IMG_4298If you do not wish to look like a tent or a whale walking around with the loose flowy dress, then you could add a silhouette by wearing a belt above your belly.  I did just that with one of my dresses.  These dresses by the way are really my fave pieces that I keep going back to during the maternity journey.

For casual wear on weekends, invest in at least a pair of maternity denim, shorts and leggings.  Tunics are also your best friend!

IMG_4699 IMG_4231IMG_5639IMG_4048

Tunics are your best bet as it can cover your belly quite comfortably.  Invest in maternity denim as well for weekend wear.  I got mine from Topshop and they have lasted me well.  If you are thinking of getting maternity leggings, Muji offers them without breaking the bank and trust me, they stretch really well without causing any pain to the belly. If you do not wish to invest in maternity leggings, the pre-maternity leggings worked fine for me as well, I just wore them under the belly.

As for maternity shorts, invest in one or two pairs for home or lounge-wear.  I got mine from Spring Maternity and Mothers en Vougue or you could get yours from qoo10 too.

For weekend casual wear, I got my maternity tees from ASOS and Old Navy which are really stretchy and can accommodate bump at all stages comfortably.

Show off your bump proudly!

After the first trimester is over, I was still pretty shy about showing off my bump so I hid behind loose clothes.  Then a friend told me I should show off bump proudly for that’s the only time I don’t have to worry about being stick-thin with a bulging food belly.  So I invested in a body-con dress from ASOS that hugged bump tightly.  The Man likes to laugh at me when I put on the dress because it’s pretty stretchy and I always look as if I’m struggling to put it on.IMG_5276

If colours ain’t your thing then invest in the Little Black Maternity Dress.  This dress which I scored during the ASOS sale is a fab buy that I don’t regret.  Particularly useful for events and date-nights with the Man if I want to feel glam and dressy instantly.


The thing about maternity dresses..

One thing I’ve come to realised about maternity dresses is that they tend to accentuate bump making it look bigger than usual.  Every time I put on my maternity dress, colleagues commented that I look larger for the day.  Well, Bump is of course growing but there is plenty of room / fabric that these maternity dresses usually have.  So if you aren’t comfortable with that, then try the above tips.  Otherwise, it is good to have a couple of these maternity dresses on standby.  I often put them on if I have a work-do where large crowds are present and I don’t want people to accidentally knock into me.  With my bulging belly in full view, it’s best they stay and steer clear of me.  Hehe..

IMG_3365My favourite maternity dress from Isabella Oliver which I got at a steal from the ASOS sale.  It’s comfy and the material looks good enough for work.

IMG_5550The fuchsia pink dress (on the extreme left) I got from Seraphine Maternity can also double up as a nursing dress so greater mileage procured for the item.  Though I’m not too sure if people will give me funny looks or ask me if I’m still pregnant if I put it on.  Let’s see.  This is also the famed Kate Middleton dress and it has literally flown off the shelves with sales hitting the roof.

Other tips that I thought I will share on maternity wear:

  • I cannot stress enough the importance of getting the right support during your pregnancy, so invest in a couple of nursing bras from your 6th month onwards and proper maternity underwear.
  • When shopping for maternity clothes online, go for your normal size (ie: if you are a UK 8, then stick with the same size).  Maternity clothes are made for your build and to fit growing bump so if you go a size or two sizes up, the outfit will not look good on you.

Guess that’s about all I have to share about maternity fashion.  It has been a wonderful trip down memory lane as I was doing up this post and I’ve had a couple of hits and misses along the way when it came to dressing the bump.  But overall, it has been a blast!  🙂  Thanks all for indulging in this read and if you have other tips to share, feel free to leave a comment!  🙂




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