Checking out: Percolate

The weather over the weekend has been punishing.  After a lovely brunch spent with my Mom and sisters where they showered me with loads of gifts for Bun and fed me so darn well.  I was tired and headed home to rest after the excitement.  But instead of sleeping the entire afternoon away, I decided to drag the Man out of bed for some afternoon tea.

IMG_5668Headed to Percolate, a cosy cafe that opened its doors in the East.  The Man was amazed at how these specialty coffee joints have been springing up and scattered across the island.  I’m just pleased that there are now a couple that we could choose from in the East.   IMG_5663Tucked along Bedok North Avenue 3, Percolate is quite a gem-of-a-find.  A cosy coffee joint that serves up coffee using Papa Pahelta beans.  While I do enjoy an occasional cuppa, I’m no coffee connoisseur, I can’t tell the robustness from the coffee beans roast but I certainly do know how to tell a good cuppa between a bad using my own taste-buds as a judge.

IMG_5664The place is pretty tiny and can seat at 20 patrons at best.  The menu is relatively small as well with food offerings serving up cakes or pastries for the day with 2 types of croissants and muesli with yogurt.

IMG_5665Since it was super hot, I went for an iced coffee while the Man opted for an iced hot chocolate (he’s off coffee for a while).  Iced coffee was good and flavourful but I needed the sugar syrup for it was a little too strong for me without the sugar.

IMG_5667They ran out of cakes by the time we were there which was about 5 plus.  There was a Salted Caramel Danish Pastry that looked pretty good but the Man had his eye on the Curry Egg Mayo Croissant instead so we decided to share it.  This item is served hot and the flavour was interesting.  Egg mayo with a tinge of curry flavour served on a hot croissant and cheese.  Totally yums.

If you are in search of good coffee in the East, you may wish to pop down to Percolate to get your coffee fix.

Address: Block 136, Bedok North Avenue 3, #01-152B, Singapore 460136
Opening hours: Mon, Wed to Fri (10.30am to 9.30pm), Sat & Sun (9am to 9.30pm)



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