I can’t believe this..

IMG_4935Dear Bump,

Almost there… almost there!  Sometimes I can’t believe how fast time just passed us by.  We are currently cruising at 36 odd weeks.  Note the word ‘cruising’, actually I think Daddy does most of the cruising.  As for me, I try but people keep telling me that it’s possible for me to go into labour from 37 weeks onwards.  And then I panic!  To be honest, I still want you inside Camp Womb for a little while longer.  So try to stay inside till full term won’t you?

With you inside Camp Womb, I really feel that I’m the only one capable of protecting and nurturing you as you grow bigger.  I love the little kicks and nudges you give me.  When it gets a little too painful, I love touching the belly and telling you to ease up on Momma.  Oh and after finally being able to differentiate what’s kicking and what are hiccups, I love putting my hand on the belly and just feeling the rhythmic hiccuping that you have, often wondering if you are ok.  I wonder hard what you are doing inside most of the time when you are moving, and before we go to bed each night, I love how your father puts his ear on my belly to talk and listen to you with me in the background going ‘Can you hear her heartbeat?  What does it feel like?  Is she ok?’.  I love talking to you inside my head telling you it’s time to wake up or it’s time to go to bed now.  I only hope that when you are out in this world, you would listen to me telling you to head to bed when it’s time to sleep.  🙂


And shopping?  Can I just say I been trying my best to control those shopping urges but since I can’t buy clothes, bags nor shoes at this point in time, I’ve taken to shopping for you instead.  Your dad isn’t too happy of course, he thinks you don’t need so many clothes and what-nots.  That’s true as well… I don’t think I went overboard with the shopping for there’s plenty of wardrobe space for you to accumulate more stuff so he can’t fault me for that.

I do feel a lot more tired these days and in my quiet moments, I take a step back and wonder if I will make a good mom or will we be the good parents to you.  This parenting gig is really new to us, we know what we want to do and we may stumble along the way but I know we will do whatever we can in our ability to raise you up well.  Till then, keep growing Baby Girl in Camp Womb!  Love your chubby cheeks and can’t wait to nom them when you are out!

Love: Momma

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