Aden + Anais

Being a first time mum (FTM), I get rather lost in the wealth of information available out there.  You either turn to your best friend in the ‘Whole Wide World’ – Google or just turn to your pals who have done the parenting route and can dish out the advice.  I use a bit of both and then make the decisions on my own.

Never heard of swaddles before preggers, I only thought it was a nice to have to wrap babies up with.  I was obviously proven wrong not that we have attended any of the parenting classes teaching us the importance of swaddles.  But yes, we did read up on swaddling.  During my newly pregnant stages then, YL shared that Aden + Anais had the best swaddles available in the market.  I went to check it out and boy, was she right?  They were super soft (even before the first wash) but also a little tad bit pricey.  She also shared that its cheaper on Amazon so I checked the deals on Amazon occasionally hoping to score some bargains.  I also kept my eyes peeled for discounts at Parenting fairs and expos.  Lo and behold, I scored a box of swaddles at the Mothercare sale for S$39.90 and then at the recent Baby Expo for about the same price as well.

IMG_5452Once I discovered the existence of Aden + Anais, I never really looked back.  Here’s what I accumulated for Bun which she will be using for the next couple of months or even years since I intend to stretch the dollar as much as I can.


Crib sheets and Blanket in the sweetest prints and colours.  So pleased with the star designs on these crib sheets that is also our theme for her room.  I originally got these sheets before we got the cot for I thought we were going to go with a standard cot but that changed.  It still fits the odd-sized shape of the mattress we got but for now, it will be used for the other mattress that we got for her in the living room.  YL shared that blankets aren’t suitable for infants yet because it may lead to suffocation when baby sleeps at night.  Not going to risk that but since we already got the blanket, I probably just keep it till she’s older to use it.

IMG_5456Instead to prevent SID, sleeping bags are recommended instead.  So I got one to try out from Amazon.  Then at the recent Baby Expo, I couldn’t resist the offer of ‘Buy One Get One Free’ so got another 2 more to add the collection.  They better come in handy!

IMG_5458Our swaddle plus stash!  Friends shared that the Bamboo range is much better but they also cost slightly more so I just got the normal range.  Loved the funky pink Star swaddle that we got in Japan.  The price range wasn’t exponentially more (do some research on how much it may cost in your country) plus I could not resist the print so popped that in to our basket the last day we were in Tokyo.  🙂

IMG_5459The Snap Bib was also slightly cheaper in Japan, so the Man got it for Bun.  One of the softest bibs in the market and it will probably come in handy for her drool or feeding times.  The butterfly security blankets were purchased at the Mothercare moving out sale in Centrepoint for a whopping 70% off.  Not sure if she needs them blankets but thought they may also come in handy for wiping her drool or what-not.  Heard babies go through tonnes of these wash-clothes on a daily basis.  🙂

There you have our buys with Aden + Anais.  Haven’t used all of them yet but I’m already a fan of their stuff and hope they don’t disappoint.

4 thoughts on “Aden + Anais

  1. springandsummer says:

    I love seeing these in pink! I went a little nuts and bought the normal, bamboo and organic range just for the different prints. While the bamboo feels the softest and to die for, I read that babies tend to ‘escape’ more easily from that material. I hope we don’t have little houdinis. I had a recent issue with the musy (frayed material) and Aden+Anais replaced it without question and they do so for any of their products (regardless of where you purchase them from) that pill too so the quality is guaranteed. I’m such a fan girl.

    Keep the baby haul posts coming!

    • Lady J says:

      Wow.. that’s great customer service on their part! Yeah, I’m a fan girl too! Love the twinkle range that you got! Sucker for star prints.. hehe.. 🙂

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