I heart these cupcakes

A good part of May was spent shuttling in and out of the hospitals.  Managed to also squeeze in a couple of dates to check out brunch places and restaurants but I have deliberately avoided crowded places or rather my fave activity of shopping for myself!  Can’t really fit much into clothes these days, I don’t really dare to buy shoes either (for fear of water retention), think the Man will scream at me if I buy more stuff for Bun, etc.  So what do I end up doing?  Surfing the net for more food places to suss out and drooling over sweets – I’m talking about ice-cream, cakes, chocolates and cupcakes… droolz…

I was recently gifted with a box of cupcakes from Goobycakes and man, were they good!  Personally, the thing about cupcakes with icing is that it could be too sweet.  I usually just scrap away the icing and just have the cupcake.  When I was gifted with my first box of cupcakes from GoobyCakes, I have to admit, a little skeptical about the taste.  Well, I should have known better cos said friend who gave the cakes said it was good and boy, was she right!  They weren’t too sweet, the cream cheese topping was really lovely as well instead of being sickeningly sweet.  As for the fondant?  Well, I didn’t bite into the sugared bits but the handicraft was one of the nicest I’ve seen in town.  🙂


So for a friend’s recent birthday, I decided to get her a box of chocolate cupcakes from Goobycakes with her fave bag as a topping.  The Man helped to pick them up at the store to save me the hefty delivery fee and grumbled at how far the place was.  Again, thanks for doing this!!!  Muacks!!

Really happy with how the entire design turned out!  Almost wanted to sink my teeth into one of them cupcakes because of my crazy pregno cravings but of course didn’t!  Hehe, friend was also pleased with the little gift I got her so all smiles around here!  🙂  Wheee…

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