Checking out: Farm to Table Cafe

I ain’t the only one to be having cravings during this pregnancy journey.  The Man is also guilty of having his set of cravings.  Well, I guess after being in the hospital for a good part of May, one can’t blame him for wanting to eat everything.  Thankfully, his cravings are rather similar to mine which means rather easy to satisfy.  🙂

His craving for this weekend?  French toast or waffles!  After my last prenatal massage (yup, I can’t do any more massages as we are inching closer to the delivery date so my therapist advised me to stop), the Man picked me up and we went in search of waffles/ french toast.  I had sort of compiled a list of best places to have waffles/ french toasts in Singapore so recommended that we try out the waffles at Department of Caffeine over at Duxton.  The last time I visited the place, waffles were not even on my radar so I didn’t mind paying them a visit again.

We thought at about 3pm, the lunch crowds would have sort of dwindled and we could easily grab a seat to enjoy our sweet treat.  Well, I was wrong.  Behind the wooden door, Department of Caffeine was bustling with activity.  The wait was going to be over 30 minutes for sure and the Man didn’t look like he was ready to wait.  Sometimes I wonder who’s the pregnant one in this journey?  Hmph!  Anyway, our friend who runs the Flutters Lash Parlour recommended that we check out Farm to Table over at 31 Duxton Road if we wanted some waffles.  So off we went to search the cafe.


What a quaint place this cafe turned out to be – away from the maddening crowds.  We were willing to give it a try for the ambiance looked really inviting even though the place didn’t have any patrons.  Fine by us really for we weren’t ready to jostle with many for our food.

The menu is fairly decent with brunch offerings available for the day, burgers, milkshakes, fries and waffles.  We knew what we wanted, so we shared waffles, truffle fries and a glass of intense chocolate milkshake.  Remember?  Fattening the Man up after his severe weight loss!


The milkshake was good!  Wished it was much colder but it wasn’t super thick which I liked and it had all these choco bits in it as you slurped it down.  The truffles fries were nicely done as well with Parmesan cheese and some herbs.  I couldn’t stop stuffing my face with the fries the moment it was set down in front of us.

IMG_5563And what the Man had been waiting for?  His waffles!  These waffles were not freshly made so it was by far a good effort on the Cafe’s part to include this as part of their menu offerings.  We definitely tasted better waffles but this was passable and did the trick of satisfying the Man’s cravings (for now).

IMG_5559The set-up of the Cafe really reminded me of the Hart and the Hunter in LA, and I hope they do survive in this tough cafe competition along Duxton.  If you are in the area and do not have patience to wait for a seat at the popular joints, Farm to Table may just be worth a visit.

Farm to Table
Address: 83 Duxton Road, The Duxton, Singapore 089540
Opening Hours: Mondays – Saturdays & Public Holidays (730am – 1030pm), Sundays (730am – 5pm)



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