Puffy cheeks and pregnancy swelling?

So I signed up a couple of pregnancy apps and am tuned in to the daily feeds that they send to me.  The topic that caught my eye was definitely on pregnancy swelling and puffy cheeks during the pregnancy.  I wonder if I’m going to jinx it by writing this post but thought it’s important to share some tips that may help to minimise the swelling during pregnancy.  I’ve seen it happen to my friends – the swelling of the feet and the hands – it’s pretty scary.  But some have also told me that they survived their entire pregnancy without any swelling, so I guess not all pregno women are subjected to this.

How do I feel these days?  Well, here’s a photo-guide of my Bump outfits for the week: IMG_5551IMG_5550I do feel a lot more bigger, Bump is definitely rounder and my cheeks feel a lot fuller.  I feel more out of breath plus tired these days and my sense of balance, doesn’t appear to be that sharp at all.  Frankly, this scares me because I don’t really have a sense of balance to begin much with anyway.

As for the swelling of my feet, funny how people actually will look at my feet when asking me how far along am I?  Then they will add a comment or two that usually goes ‘Wah, your feet never swell hor!’  How does one respond to such a comment?  Hmm…

Here are some of my tips to combat the pregnancy swelling.  Not sure if it works but I did follow them pretty closely.

Taking salt in moderation:  It’s said that cutting back on salt may help to ease the puff.  While I didn’t completely take salt away from the diet, I did try to limit the heavily salted snacks which to me is really a toughie because I seriously love my chips and fries.

Put my feet up: A useful tip that J shared when I was in my second trimester, she reminded me conscientiously to lift my feet up if I can.  So what I did was to put a small little stool underneath my office table since I spent more than half of the day there anyway.  The feet remained three-quarters of the day propped up on the stool at work.  At home, before I go to bed, the Man will put 2 pillows underneath my feet.  My sis wasn’t kidding when she asked if I reached the stage where pillows surrounded me everywhere when I sleep.  I laughed, thinking how can it possibly be?  Guess who had to eat her words?!  I sleep with a body pillow to prop Bump up as well as 2 pillows by my feet to keep it up.  I believe by doing so, it really helped minimise the pressure off my feet.

Exercise: I don’t exercise a lot but when I do have the time, I do drag Sparky out for a slow walk round the hood. Hopefully, that did help in deflating the feet.  Oh and those 10 pre-natal yoga classes that I signed up for?  I like to think that they helped as well.

Staying hydrated: Again, I don’t really drink a lot of water during the day.  But one thing I realised when I was working from home a couple of weeks back, I was constantly thirsty and drank tonnes of water to stay hydrated.  While it may not sound logical (drinking more water to retain less water?) but it’s true — the more fluids flowing into you, the more that will be flowing out of you (instead of accumulating around your ankles). So even though I had to go to the toilet more than ever, I think at least the waste products are out of my body with every flush.

If you have any tips to combat pregnancy swelling, do share them here.  Wondering if pregnancy swelling can be minimised for the entire pregnancy so will be willing to give it a shot!  🙂


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