Checking out: Mrs Pho

A new Vietnamese Pho place has recently opened its doors and I was all ready to go check it out before I pop.  Or rather, best to check it out like NOW before I become too big and belly gets in the way while I slurp my noodles!

Mirrored after the small streets and sidewalk stalls of Vietnam, one should expect a large space for dining.  The tableware and even stools used kinda reminded me of dining in a crowded street in Vietnam, talk about maintaining authencity of a place.

IMG_5382We headed there for lunch about 11.30am and just managed to beat the crowds who swamped in thereafter to grab the seats.  Phew…


IMG_5384 IMG_5385For starters, we had the fresh Vietnamese spring rolls and the fried ones.  I always liked the fresh ones and this was no exception.  The prawns used were fresh and refreshing with a hint of mint leaves added into the rolls.  I completely missed checking out the chicken wings which I hear is supposed to be really good as well.  Arh.. will have to come back again then!

IMG_5387Moving on the to the main highlight of our meal – the Pho!  I ordered the Vietnamese Beef Pho with Beef Balls and was seriously impressed with the quality of the noodles.  The broth was hearty and felt like it was truly home-made.  The experience was really un-PHO-gettable!  I really liked it because some of the other pho that I had elsewhere had too much MSG in the broth.

Will definitely come back again because I really want to try that Vietnamese rice with pork chop and egg that looked so good when I spied it on the other diner’s table.  There were a couple of dishes that we missed out as well, so those must go on the list.

Mrs Pho
Address: 349 Beach Road, Singapore 199570
Telephone: +65 6292-0018
Open daily except Sunday. Mondays to Saturdays : 11am to 10pm

[Update as at 8 June 2014]

IMG_5810After a super full breakfast at Symmetry with E, I went off to run some errands.  The Man picked me up from his golf game and he needed to fill his tummy, so I dragged him to Mrs Pho since we were in the hood.

IMG_5811Told the Man to order the Vietnamese Pho with Beef Balls because that was what I ordered previously and I remembered distinctively that it came with beef slices.  Well, turned out I remembered wrongly!  #pregnobrains!!  The Man was totally not impressed by me telling him the wrong thing to order.  Sheesh!  Can’t fault me for my pregno brains plus I love meatballs, so I probably gravitated to this dish.

IMG_5813Since I was still full from breakfast, I took the opportunity to order more of their starters.  The grilled meatballs were pretty good but the starter that I would probably go back for would be this chicken wings.

IMG_5814Perfectly grilled and juicy, these were best enjoyed and washed down with this thick coconut smoothie that the Man ordered.  Happy weekend filled with good and reasonable food in our bellies!  When I’m done with my confinement, I will be back again!  🙂

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