Playing dress-up for Bun

At about 34 weeks, we talked about laundry.  The Man still thinks its too early to start the massive washing so we will wait another 2 more weeks or so before loading up the machine to wash Bun’s stuff.  I guess that doesn’t stop me from picking out the clothes that she’s going to be dressed in when she comes back home.  Friends have shared that babies go through at least 4 to 6 changes of outfits daily so best to just wash a load of stuff first.

People I’ve been talking to also asked if I started packing my hospital bag.  Again, erm, no.  I kinda have an idea on what I should be packing but as for the physical action of putting these items into a bag, not yet.  Note to self: will get to it within the next week or so.  Need to make out a list and then get through the motion of packing them.  But one thing that got me mildly excited about packing the bag was picking out Bun’s homecoming outfits.

Obviously, the Man’s idea of bringing Bun home is totally different from mine.  When I showed him pics of the outfits I was planning to pack for the hospital, he laughed “Aren’t we going to just wrap her up in a towel and bring her home from the hospital?”.  Erm, no siree… she obviously needs to be dressed before swaddled for the homecoming right?

Here’s what I picked out for Bun to be dressed in:


  • A peach cardigan (in case it’s cold)
  • Petit Bateau onesie (that I wished was in a larger size but I loved the rocking horse print way too much and since it was on 50% off, decided to get that last piece which was available)
  • Paired with white mittens (from Kiddy Palace) and white socks (from a kids shop at Chinatown Point)


  • A soft mint polka-dotted kimono vest long-sleeved top and white pants from Joy Luck Club Maternity (I got these for S$5 bucks each at the Baby Expo) – practical and super-soft for some have shared that onesies may not be that practical for a newborn so kimono vests are easy to slip on and off
  • Paired with a mint and purple striped pair of mittens (from a kids shop at Chinatown Point)


  • Peach kimono vest (purchased from Isetan Tokyo Kids department)
  • White long-sleeved pants from Joy Luck Club Maternity
  • Paired with Hello Kitty mittens (gifted from Aunty Sary)

Thankfully, Bun’s outfits are pretty small for now so they won’t take up too much of space when they get packed in to the hospital bag.  Of course, that might all change when the Man finds out about this and eventually takes away one of the proposed outfits.  So which outfits should I keep for Bun?  Decisions, decisions….


4 thoughts on “Playing dress-up for Bun

  1. csary says:

    So well thought through.. The kimono is easier to wear for new born baby. I supposed you will packed in a receiving blanket/ swaddler blanket? A little cap will be nice as it is good to keep them warm for the first few weeks.

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