Dining out: Les Amis

LeLong overdue post!  Celebrated a dear friend’s birthday some time in March at Les Amis.  It’s been a while since we went there and we roped in the other pals for the celebration.  I can’t do fine-dining very well since the pregnancy so it was great to have the friends come along during the dinner for the hearty conversation did help with me actually finishing up the food.  🙂

We had a special menu that was curated for the occasion and the dining experience was just as lovely as I remembered it to be.  The last time we went to Les Amis, it was in 2010!!  Wow, that long!  Well, that’s kinda because we prefer to go back to familiar places like Jaan if there is ever a need to go fine-dining here as well.  ;p  Having said that, the overall dining experience was indeed lovely.

IMG_4216Caviar on petal of potato salad with condiment of herbs

IMG_4219White asparagus from Saga served wit a traditional Mousseline sauce and fresh sea urchins

IMG_4220Camus artichoke soup on a smooth Foie Gras flan

IMG_4222Momotaro tomato tart with eggplant caviar and extra virgin olive oil

The starters were all delicate and extremely enjoyable.  The group enjoyed the caviar on the petal potato salad which I thought in terms  of presentation was the most outstanding of the lot.  The artichoke soup with the foie gras flan was cleverly conceived and the tomato tart had such a tangy bite to it and was the perfect round-up for the starters.

IMG_4224Sea-bass from Brittany with caviar sauce

IMG_4225Grilled dry aged beef tenderloin from Omi with asparagus and a rich jus

I was actually pleased with the portions for the mains for they weren’t too big nor small.  The fish was done nicely with the caviar being the icing on the top.  Who can say no to caviar?  🙂  As for the beef, I thought was a little ordinary in terms of presentation, they did try their darnest to make it look pretty.

IMG_4227Silky rice with milk, Victoria pineapple in regional spices and toasted coconut tuile

Now, when it comes to dessert, I think this was one of the most interesting combination of desserts I’ve tasted recently.  With bump, I think my sweet tooth has definitely heightened and even though the silky rice does sound a tad bit heavy, the entire dessert was very, very good when eaten together with the pineapple and crispy coconut tuile.

Though good, I guess the highlight of this Les Amis meal was enjoying it with our good pals, the conversation plus laughter that flowed at the table.  I still prefer our fine dining experience at Jaan and I think a visit back to Jaan is long overdue!!  🙂



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