Checking out: Shop Wonderland

My life has been all but exciting.. prepping for Bun’s arrival, checking out many food places and squeezing in whatever social life I can possibly get before her arrival.  Oh wait, throw in the unexpected hospital visits that the Man had to be admitted for as well.  😦  Well, don’t know how motherhood/ parenthood may change us, so we might as well enjoy what we can now.  Going on a blog-roll/ binge on food places to list down for memory’s sake, in case I forget.  Hey, pregnancy brains are pretty common, you’d know!  ;p

IMG_4078I’ve been trying to finish up most of the work projects.  After working through the weekend on a couple of events, decided to give myself a much-needed break on a Monday.  Took the day off to have my hair cut and then meet up with my cousin who so happened to be on leave that very same day.  Since the salon was at Bugis, Shop Wonderland at Haji Lane came to mind.  The pastries and cakes that some have posted on their Instagram feed was the lure factor.  Oh and the amazing floral creations that the folks at Shop Wonderland do are also the push factor.  Mental note to self: enroll in one of their flower arrangement classes some time soon. I kinda miss working with flowers.


Photos can be rather deceptive and so, I was expecting a place that resembles more of a cafe rather than a hole-in-the-wall type of cafe.  Shop Wonderland belonged to the latter category. I was tasked to go chope (local slang for reserve) seats first before my cousin and her clan descended upon us.  When I stepped into Shop Wonderland, there were a couple of patrons there.  As individual tables are rather limited, decided to either share with the other patrons or be prepared to head somewhere else.

Minutes later, my cousin came with her entourage – a tod, a baby and her helper.  That’s not all, I have yet to account for the equipment which she brought along.  Did we stay?  Yup, we did.  Even though the place wasn’t exactly child-friendly, she managed to squeeze in the stroller with my sleeping niece and strapped baby with the helper.  If you are planning to bring along your kiddos here, good point to take note that they do not have high-chairs for kids.  Or rather, leave them at home for the place ain’t equipped for kiddos.

IMG_4071IMG_4073IMG_4098Feeling famished or rather greedy, we shared a quiche and some desserts.  I don’t suppose the baked goods are whipped up personally at the store but they offer a decent selection of sweet and savoury goods to suit one’s palette.

IMG_4106IMG_4069Not sure if I will make a trip back here anytime soon, but having said that, it’s still a lovely cafe to check out.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds as you sip your soda, enjoy that slice of cake and watch the world go by.

Oh and since you are in the ‘hood, pop on down to Rich and Good Cake shop located at 24 Kandahar Street and bring home some really yummy Kaya / Chocolate swiss rolls.  They are really ‘da bomb!!!  🙂

Shop Wonderland

Address: 37 Haji Lane, Singapore 189230

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