Checking out: The Bravery

The list of new places to check out has been piling so decided to find a new place to check out for brunch over the weekend.  The Bravery won my vote because of the pancakes that they offered.  Yes, yes, it’s all about satisfying those pregnancy cravings!  ;p

IMG_5215 IMG_5205Opened by the same folks who brought our tiny island – The Plain – one can expect decent coffee beans if you are particular about the type of coffee beans used.  I was just interested in the food offerings and a quick check of the online reviews showed pretty decent reviews of The Bravery.  We arrived at about 11am on a Sunday morning and thought that the place would be packed.  Perhaps Singapore has more cafes these days, we were pleasantly surprised that there were no maddening crowds.  Well, these days, I don’t do crowds very well and I don’t really want to jostle for my food, so this was perfect for me!

IMG_5206Weather was way too hot!!!  So, we ordered an iced Mocha to share.  The Lavender Latte is supposed to be really good but we did’t really fancy a hot drink given the heat and humidity, plus the Man has to reduce his caffeine intake as well.

IMG_5210No brainer here, I ordered the Pancakes Stack with bananas, crushed pistachios, honey and ricotta cheese.  When the server set these down, my eyes widened with hunger.  Quickly snapped a couple of pics and then dug straight into the stack.  There were 3 pancakes in this stack and one could either enjoy them individually or just do what I did.  I just stuck my knife into the entire trio of pancakes, smeared the honey, ricotta cheese and a small chunk of the banana and shoved the entire thing into my mouth.  Yum!!  Talk about a sinful breakfast!  I guess I was just hungry!!!


The Man ordered one of The Bravery’s best sellers which was the Brave Begedil – poached eggs with avocado, turkey bacon served on corned beef begedil hash.

IMG_5213Egg porn!  Overall, an interesting combination of flavours.  Loved the avocado and the corned beef hash.  The turkey bacon wasn’t that great and somehow didn’t go too well the with entire dish.  Perhaps crushed turkey bits may have fared better with this dish?

Verdict?  Lovely place for a lazy weekend brunch with decent food and good coffee.  Ample parking is available as well so definitely a consideration should we wish to head back there again.

The Bravery
Address: 66 Horne Road, Singapore 209073
Telephone: +65 6225 4387
Opening hours: 8am – 8pm, closed on Tuesdays

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