Some TLC: Earth Mama Angel Baby

IMG_4886Decided to give myself some TLC (tender loving care) in my third trimester and ordered all these stuff not only for myself but to prep for the Bun’s arrival. Thanks to a tip by S who highly recommended some of Earth Mama Angel Baby products and they are stocked on iherb where I do most of my shopping for groceries and supplements for the home

The Organic Third Trimester Tea: This 100% organic tea was formulated as a tonic for mamas who are heading into the home stretch during the third trimester.  In terms of timing, this was perfect.  What won me over was the delicious blend of beneficial herbs that’s formulated to nurture all mama parts gearing up for the arrival of baby such as Red Raspberry Leaf that’s packed with vitamins and minerals and is recommended by midwives as a woman’s body prepares for labor and iron-rich stinging nettle, calming chamomile and rosehips, both full of vitamins and bioflavonoids, and calcium-filled oat straw.  I drink this occasionally in the office when I need a quick perk-me-up.

Organic Milkmaid Tea: As a first-time mum, I would definitely like to try breastfeeding Bun.  My sis who’s an advocate on breastfeeding tells me it’s mind over matter and that I must psyche myself that I have sufficient supply for the baby.  That’s what many of the literature out there advocates as well.  Nonetheless, I don’t mind relying on some aids to kick-start the supply if ever needed. Fennel and Fenugreek are supposed to aid in the milk supply so that’s what this tea is packed with along with milk thistle seed, anise seed and caraway seed.  The whole blend sounds really licorice so I’m hoping it will taste ok.  Well, if all else fails, I’m just going to pretend its tasty and do my best to chuck the whole cuppa down for my own good.

Angel Baby Bottom Balm for the Bub:  Loving the ingredients used in the balm that’s clinically tested, zero toxin, cruelty-free, hospital recommended and vegan!  This made with organic Calendula Bottom Balm is a safe and effective diaper cream that’s gentle on baby’s tender bottoms.  The jar is also of a great size so perfect for the diaper bag.

Natural Nipple Butter for myself:  S highly recommended getting this to moisturise the tender bits during the entire breastfeeding process.  I went along with the recommendation because she’s been really nice in sharing her tips throughout my entire pregnancy journey.  Again, moisturise those itty bits religiously before the arrival of your Bub!  This zero-toxins, natural nipple butter is a lanolin-free nursing cream that’s made with organic calendula, cocoa and shea butter.  I’ve heard stories of breastfeeding, some good, some not-so-good.  Heard that although the entire experience is wonderful, it can also hurt loads.  So this natural nipple butter is god-sent and one that safely moisturises and soothes everything from mama nipples to baby cheeks.  It’s safe for mama and baby so there’s no need to wash it off before nursing!  Score!  Extra moisturising for the itty bits!  🙂

I’m sure the above products are available in some of the stores in Singapore.  So if you wish to get your hands on them, just keep a look-out for the brands.  Else, you can be like me and order ahead from iHerb.  Shopping deets below to enjoy a discount on your first purchase if you are not a member with them yet.

Shop You can save $10 off your first order of $40 or more; or $5 off orders less than $40! just by using my Rewards Code CJV852

I will try to do another personal review of these products when I’ve actually used them.  But if you would like to read another mum’s review of some of these items, do check out the Little Bow Girl’s review.  I chanced upon her site while doing some research on a baby cot for the Bun and since then, been a follower of her blog and tales. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Some TLC: Earth Mama Angel Baby

  1. libbyty says:

    Thanks for the shoutout J 🙂 And in case you have problems stomaching the Milk Maid Tea here’s a neat trick – a little bit of honey really improves the taste !! I get those squeezy bottles for convenience sake because you won’t have time to slowly thaw and spoon jar honey when the time comes ! So excited for you and your little bun !

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks Libby for the tip. I’m not a huge fan of licorice so I can imagine that I may have problems stomaching the Milk Maid Tea. The honey tip would come in handy! 🙂

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