Tokyo eats: Katsuzen

I’ve always been a fan of Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets) so of our recent trips to Japan, I would always try to include a meal into our eating itinerary.  So the babymoon to Japan is no different, a visit to the Tonkatsu restaurant is a must!  For an authentic dining experience, I would suggest Maisen Tonkatsu.  Had really wanted to check out Kimukatsu but arh well, the location for Katsuzen in Ginza was far more appealing.  :p

IMG_4576Did a quick search before eventually settling on booking of this restaurant.  Here are some information that I uncovered online – the meat used in Katsuzen’s pork cutlets comes from free-range hogs raised on the slopes of Mount Kirishima in Kyushu, the dining experience is intimate (only 8 seats) and it’s a one Michelin star restaurant.  Well, tonkatsu has often been termed as comfort food and not necessarily associated with gourmet delicacy so why is it even necessary to go to a one Michelin star restaurant?  That’s basically what piqued my interest and sealing the decision to check the place out.


Located in a swanky part of Ginza, Katsuzen is located on the 4th floor of Barney’s New York.  When we stepped in, we were surprised at how intimate the dining experience was going to be for the place was pretty small, so conversations have to be kept rather soft unless you want the entire world to listen in.

IMG_4578There are several lunch set menus that one could choose from.  We selected the Kurobuta (Black Pig) ones with the Man taking the Pork Loin and me with the Tenderloin, simply because it was less fatty.  The set menu came with a complimentary starter.

IMG_4579We also added a fried oyster with our meal.  At 2100 yen, we were a little surprised at the hefty price-tag but when this one put in front of us, we kinda understood why.  The oyster was huge and even though it was deep-fried, the freshness of the oyster was still retained in each bite.  We also appreciated the green asparagus that came along with the dish.

IMG_4582The meal!  My tenderloin was lean without much fat tucked into it.  The Man’s choice of the pork loin was much better, it’s rich but not fatty.  So if you are planning to check this place out, then go for the pork loin. As for the sauces, there are two to choose from – a Worcestershire-style blend, made in-house and also a miso-garlic version that is slightly rich and pungent. Even though the meat is done beautifully, having these sauces help give the pork a needed boost of extra flavor.

I have to add that prices for set lunches here come a  little higher than usual but it’s worth checking this place out if you wish for a different dining experience.


Addres: 4th Floor, Kojun Building, Ginza 6-8-7, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Telephone: 03-3289-8988

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