That ray of hope

IMG_4935Dear Baby Girl,

I’m exhausted.. physically and mentally, but I will continue to press on.  Summoning every ounce of energy I have and you are giving to me simply to press on.  Your dad’s not well again.  Maybe he hasn’t fully recovered in the first place and we went home happily thinking he was.  We don’t know what’s wrong.  We thought all was well when he checked out of the hospital last week, sure he was weak but he could eat and move about.  Then on Sunday late afternoon, after I made tea, a bout of cold sweat swept him by surprise and he was down again.

Helpless, I stood watching before dragging him out of bed, calling a cab and heading back to the A&E department once again to check him in.  He’s been there since trying to fight off the viral infection that the doctors are not identifying purely because there are ‘too many viruses’ out there.  Dengue, stomach flu, food poisoning have all been ruled out and the treatment is symptomatic.

Both you and I have been shuttling in and out of the hospital despite advice telling me that I should try my best to stay away from the hospitals, but we don’t really want to leave your dad there alone right?  So, I take all the precautions I possibly can. Perhaps tomorrow will be the day he will be well and come home together with us.

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Till then, you are that ray of sunshine in our lives so please stay strong together with me ok?  A day at a time, we will get through this.

Love: Momma…



7 thoughts on “That ray of hope

  1. e says:

    Hang in there, J! You have to take good care of yourself and bump. Rest assured he is at the good hands of the doctors. Sending big hugs from Penang! xoxo

  2. EM says:


    Is it possible to change hospital to get a different diagnosis? Not sure whether your husband is in a private or public hospital. If public, may I suggest Tan Tock Seng Hospital as its got better trained doctors who are better at diagnosing viruses and infections. There is a Communicable Disease Center there that does a good job of identifying viruses & infections. Do not be alarmed by its name. A family member had to switch hospitals to get the correct diagnosis from TTSH, got treated & got well. Hope it helps.

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks EM for your advice. Hubs has been discharged and now resting at home. We went to the nearest hospital to home but after this episode, I guess we will have to rethink which hospital to go to even for A&E.

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