Weekends are …

best for long breakfasts that stretch till 3pm.  That’s just what we did.  Last week, after the Man’s intense paintball session and our weekly massage indulgence, it was time to fill our bellies. Current craving?  Still waffles/ pancakes or french toast.  So in search of a good bistro, we went.  Our first choice was Nassim Hill Bakery and Bistro simply because Mag was just there the weekend and the pic she posted of her breakie looked good enough to lure us there.  Unfortunately, they were closed for a private event when we got there, so off to Skyve (our second choice).

IMG_5007I was fixated on the Ricotta Pancakes that they offered on the menu.  But unfortunately, they ran out of those pancakes by the time we got there.  The Man was really sweet, in fact, he was angry that they ran out of the pancakes and I could not have what Bump desired.  He asked if we wanted to head somewhere else.  I was kinda tired from all the running around in search of food, plus whatever they had on the menu at Skyve looked decent enough to fill Bump, so I asked to stay put.

IMG_5008The Man ordered the Truffle scramble platter which is scrambled eggs with a dollop of truffle salsa.  Not sure if it’s my spider-senses at play but when the dish was set in front of us, the stomach churned a little as the black truffle scent filled the air.  Damn it!  I do love truffles and it would be quite sad if Bun can’t stomach shrooms of any kind.  😦

IMG_5009I went straight for the French toast served with bananas and walnuts.  I thought the french toast was done pretty well, the brioche used was fluffy and soft.  Dunked with the maple syrup and eaten together with some bananas and walnuts, I was satiated. As you can tell, it doesn’t take a lot to make me one happy woman these days.  Sheesh!

Brunch on a weekend at 3pm is definitely good for the soul.  No jostling of food with the crowds, all that’s left is to enjoy the surroundings and the food (or whatever that’s left to order on the menu)!  🙂

 Where are some of your fave places to head out to for brunch?  Please share.  🙂



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