Gifts for Bun..

IMG_5068I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the lovely and glowing mama-to-be: Mag – who blogs over here and exchanged tales of our pregnancy journey amongst other baby matters.  I’m due end June while she is due sometime in August so in terms of timing, we are kinda close.  As we work pretty close to one another, we decided to do lunch one day.  Since we pretty much had fun the first time round, we stayed in touch and arranged for on another lunch-date to exchange more maternity woes/ joys and baby tips/talk.

We definitely invited a couple of stares on our recent lunch-date.  Just imagine 2 bulging bumps taking public transport, trying to get a seat on the train and then a table at the restaurant.  But it was fun!  We exchanged goodies for our lil’ ones and Mag gifted Bun with this cute pink polka-dotted onesie, some washers which was great since I didn’t really get them and the cutest wet bag I’ve seen!  Tried getting these wet bags at the fairs but the patterns sold didn’t really catch my eye!  So really loved the one you chose!

We hope to squeeze in another lunch-do before I pop but if we are not able to do so, we’ve always got baby play-dates to look forward to in time to come. 🙂


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