The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..

The long weekend was supposed to start for me today.  Well, because I took leave for tomorrow as well, to see the doc, run a couple of errands and basically relaxing.  The weekend was supposed to be exciting for us as well, movie date, my mom’s birthday celebration, a long-awaited swim-date for Sparky (we’ve neglected his swimming treats of late), a house-warming party at a friends, massage and possibly long brunches involving pancakes and waffles ahead.  Of course, we now have to shelve our plans or kiss them goodbye with a spanner thrown in the works.

The Man woke up with a dull and huge headache.  We had booked tickets to catch the morning show of the Amazing Spider Man 2, but looking at his state, figured he wouldn’t last through the movie, so decided to forgo the show and let him stay home to rest.  Didn’t mind staying in for I had wanted to pack more stuff in Bun’s room and perhaps bake some goodies if I was going to be stuck at home anyway.

IMG_5070So off to the supermarket we went in the morning to shop for ingredients for the cake and also to whip up a hearty soup for the sick Man.  Had wanted to make me some chocolate french toast but figured it would take me too long to make them plus bake a cake and cook lunch, so a simple yogurt breakie with Gula Melaka granola with choco chips and blueberries it was.

It was then time to get ‘hot and heavy’ in the kitchen with the baking. I’ve made this before – the Olive Oil Banana Bread with Nutella Swirls.  It didn’t turn out too pretty because I didn’t have the proper baking ware then.  I’ve since invested in a proper rectangular bake-ware and wanted to give the recipe another go.  This time round, I was also determined to ‘beautify’ the bread with proper swirls or shapes for design since I had the time to do so.  After mixing and whisking the batter, it was time to put the finishing touches to the bread and this was the design I came up with because I’ve been so into the whole ‘stars’ theme.


When I popped the tray into the oven, I was crossing my fingers hoping that the final product will turn out with the patterns that I crafted.  Well, it didn’t turn out that way of course.  The after product?  Don’t get a shock when you see the below pic.

IMG_5074Not quite what I was expecting, you can hardly make out the shapes that were once there and the whole end-product does look BAD and quite frankly, UGLY.


But if you go past the appearance and slice through the bread, what’s revealed its a delicious combination of banana with chocolately good nutella that I so enjoyed as an afternoon treat.

IMG_5085This was obviously before the mayhem started.  The Man was stuck in bed for a good part of the day while I baked, cooked, packed and even squeezed a pedicure treat for myself.  So needed to pamper the feet cos Bump is now getting bigger and since my nails grow a lot faster these days, it’s been quite a chore trying to cut my own toe-nails. I was also quite excited for dinner with my family to celebrate Mom’s birthday for I had ordered this AMAZING Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake from Cake Spade.

IMG_5076 IMG_5078Seriously, the cake is really delish!!  Happy Birthday again Mummy!!!  Sorry, we couldn’t make it for dinner tonight to celebrate but I hope you loved the cake.

I’ve been nagging the Man since early afternoon to go to the hospital to check on his condition.  He refused hoping that the migraine would go away.  It didn’t.  In fact, it got worse because he couldn’t keep his food down.  In the end, he was severely dehydrated and quite frankly looked like he was in a lot of pain. So at 6pm, he decided that he will go to the hospital and I went along with him even though he insisted that I should be at home given my pregnant condition.  I couldn’t really leave him alone.  What if he fainted along the way?  I needed to know he was ok.

We still don’t know what he got or caught but he’s been admitted to the hospital for more tests.  We figured it’s the best way for now for the doctors aren’t quite sure what he caught as well and they didn’t want him to pass on any form of viral infection to me given my pregnant state.  As for me, I just feel bad because I can’t exactly stay with him in the hospital and give him the support that he needs so I can just pray and hope that all will be good with him.

What an eventful day it had turned out to be.  For me, it had the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  Like I said, we probably can kiss our weekend plans goodbye because the Man will probably need all the rest he can but that’s ok.  Just hope that the doctors can determine what he got, that he can be discharged soon and that all will be Good again.


6 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..

  1. e says:

    Hope it’s nothing serious!! Speedy recovery to the man. As for you, do take care too and don’t tire yourself out! xoxo

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