Tokyo eats: Sanda

Talk about fear factor and what kind of scary foods come to mind?  Well, I prepped the Man for a session of ‘Fear Factor’ fun at this 1 Michelin-star restaurant called Sanda which I found while planning our food itinerary during our Babymoon.

Located near Tokyo Midtown along Roppongi,  Sanda prides itself as a Wagyu Kappo restaurant specialising in different cuts of the beef.  I did a quick research of Sanda and was quite intrigued with what I read online.  The Man didn’t quite know what he was in for thinking that he was in for a good night out with a rare piece of steak.  After  I briefly described what I read online, he thought ‘Arh well, could be an interesting evening!’  Turned out, it was.  🙂


Sanda only has one course menu for 6,300 yen.  Price-wise, the value is great given it’s one-michelin star rating and for dinner, nothing more I could ask.  The course started out with 4 appetisers – all looking funky but strangely went down well.  The huge meatball with soup is actually grounded tongue meatball in beef stock.

If you think, well, it doesn’t look all too bad, wait till you scroll down.  Hehe…

IMG_4476Top left corner was actually the cow’s ovary.  Sheesh!  Didn’t know that can actually be eaten!  Cautious, we took small bites of it first to see if we could stomach it down before attempting to chew huge chunks of it.  Well, dunking the meat into the sauce did help but I have to add that the chefs do a great job of cleaning the innards and what-nots.  There wasn’t a funky smell associated with strange parts of the cow and some parts of it were actually enjoyable.

The portions may look seemingly small and the Man was actually wondering if there is a need to do Round 2 of dinner somewhere else.  By the time we got to the 2 mini highlights of the meal which was the grilled teppanyaki and the shabu shabu.  We were already 3/4 full.  So I guess, portion-wise, it was decent enough.

IMG_4477For grilling of the meats during the teppanyaki session, we had a selection of inner stomach, heart, pancreas and cheek.  Scary selection if you ask me, but some of which are pretty enjoyable.  The inner stomach and the pancreas were far too oily for me so I tried a piece each and gave the rest of my share to the Man.  Not quite sure if he enjoyed it but he ate everything up nonetheless.

As for the shabu shabu portion of the meal, it was another unusual selection of the cow’s part.  This time round it was tongue shabu shabu wrapped with vegetables and served together with liver and stomach.  Pretty interesting textures and flavours.

That just about concludes our fear factor meal but not before a serving of ramen noodles in the shabu shabu broth plus a scoop of sesame ice-cream thereafter.

Sanda is a place not exactly for the faint-hearted if you can’t stomach (no pun intended) some  of the funky-looking stuff that’s been set in front of me.  But having said that, if you are game to try out new stuff, then definitely give Sanda a try.  The cleanliness of how the beef innards are done would be why I feel this place deserved it’s rating.   Well, if all else fails, it does give one bragging rights!  How often can you say you tried and ate the ovary of a cow? ;p

Address: 4-5-9 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone : 03-3423-2020

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