Our next chapter

As we await for the arrival of our lil’ one to join us, I’ve also been taking the time to think about some of the changes that we probably will be making in our lives. Friends have been telling us we will neglect Sparky, the Man will have to stop playing golf and his running activities, etc…  While with any good-intentioned advice dispensed, we will take this with a pinch of salt.

Will our lives change? Yes, of course. Welcome to the world of eyebags, sleep deprivation, vomit, smelly poop plus diapers! But, well, as I’ve viewed my/our lives as a roller-coaster ride, there will be ups-and-downs and similarly with parenting. We will just embrace the challenges that get thrown to us and relish the joys as it unfolds.

As for my blog, it will still be kept as a personal journey of sorts peppered with tales of our travels, eat, style, ramblings, Sparky and of course, the bub being in it.  But just out of curiosity here, what are some of the things you would like to see me blog about?


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