Checking out: Assembly Coffee

And we are back into business!  Checking out new places that we have yet to venture before Bun’s arrival.  First up, ticking off Assembly off my list.  Photos of the Earl Grey Waffles that I’ve been seeing on my Instagram feed were driving me crazy.  That plus didn’t help that top of my pregno cravings list would see me go for anything to do with waffles/ pancakes OR prata.

On Easter morning, we were woken by the fur-kid badgering us to take him out of his ‘cone of shame’ so since we were already up, decided to make a nice brunch with the early head-start.  Ended up at Assembly after some persuasion from me to the Man.  🙂

IMG_4818 IMG_4819I was expecting the place to be huge and spacious but was kinda surprised that it actually was quite small.  If the place was filled, I guess it could seat about 20 pax at max?  I was just glad when we arrived, the place wasn’t too packed and we could even pick where we wanted to sit before the breakfast crowd arrived.

IMG_4822They have a modest selection of food items with breakfast, lunch and of course, waffles offered on the menu.  My eyes zoomed in at the Pulled Pork Burger they had – a recommendation by Bev and the Earl Grey waffles with ice-cream – another rec by E.   Didn’t matter that it was breakfast and we ought to have eggs with bread.  The Pulled Pork Burger was simply delicious and together with the fresh green apple and melted cheese, it was a divine combo!  Shared half with the Man and the portion was just sufficient enough to move on to the highlight of the meal for me.  Hehe..

IMG_4824Ta-dah!!! Earl Grey Caramel waffle with homemade earl grey caramel sauce, fresh strawberries and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The earl grey hint is really subtle so much so you can’t really taste it, I guess that’s because the caramel sauce kinda over-powered it.  But having said that the waffle was light and fluffy, pretty enjoyable with all the elements put together.  Well, I could be biased over this since it was top of my pregno cravings list, but seriously, it was good!

Assembly!  Love the ambiance for its laid-back vibe and since food is pretty decent, we might just come back again.  🙂

Address: 26 Evans Lodge, Singapore 259367
Telephone: +65 6735 5647

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