Almost there…

Dear Bun,

Slowly but surely, we are getting there – getting your room and your stuff ready.  Perhaps the adrenaline rush did work and I felt that we really got quite a lot of stuff done over the past week.  There’s also something about making them lists and checking the boxes one at a time as we got stuff then.

We finally settled on your cot and your daddy actually assembled the entire cot just a couple of days back.  Pretty impressed by his handiwork. Despite him being worried that it may be slip-shot, I think he did a great job for you!  Well, for one, he didn’t lose his temper which he often does when it comes to assembly of stuff.  Carpentry obviously isn’t his strongest suit.  I’ve seen him thrown tools in despair when the screws don’t fit, etc, cursing under his breath that he should have just paid a fee to assemble the item instead of spending xx amount of time assembling it.

But this time round, he was really patient, read the instructions carefully and then assembled each piece of your little bed with tender loving care.  I didn’t really help but just sat around to keep him company plus give him moral support and assurance that he was just doing fine.  After an hour or so, your little bed is finally put together and your daddy took a step back to admire what he has put together for you.  Aww, that was such a sweet moment and I know more of such moments will come where you will join him to build stuff together.

I really hope you love your little cot for we took such a long time before deciding to purchase it.  Well, as your daddy puts it, you are going to be sleeping in it every day for a very long time, so instead of splurging on a stroller that we can only use when we are going out, we decided to invest in your crib.

Unfortunately, you won’t be having your own little room for now.  We are planning to convert the balcony into a little room for you, until then, you will just have to be in the guest-room for now.  But I’m dreaming of colour palettes to dress your future room and nah, it wouldn’t be too girly pink nor shocking pink.  Instead, let’s go for a Mint and Pink colour scheme and the overall theme would be stars.  Let’s just say I spent quite a lot of time the past couple of days trawling the internet for ideas plus dreaming of the little touches that can dress your current room and make it as homely as it can possibly be before you get your own room.  Can’t wait for the items to arrive so that I can embark on the decoration.  🙂

In other related news, you’ve been moving a lot recently, especially at night.  Space in mummy’s watery womb must be getting smaller as your kicks and moves are definitely getting more defined.  But we totally love it when you respond to what we tell you with a little kick as if to say you agree with us.

Till then, counting down the days where we will next see you at Dr C!

Love you loads! xoxo Mummy!



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