Count my blessings

The Man has been really sweet to me during this pregnancy journey.  On top of making sure I get sufficient exercise, he also indulges me when I have my cravings.  🙂

So what’s the flavour for the week?  Well, to be exact, for about 3 over weeks now.  Just didn’t think it was so difficult to hunt these down!!  Prata Coins!

Cousin told me that the stall along Sin Ming sells them and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  Couldn’t shake off the feeling of wanting to eat them and I don’t even think I am a big fan of prata in the first place.  Humph!  Anyway, after bringing it up for the xxth time and combing the entire stretch of prata shops along Simpang Bedok where we walked home empty-handed, the Man decided to brave the traffic and bring me there.  Unfortunately, I made a boo-boo and thought that the stall would be open for dinner.  Who knew they are only open in the mornings till 6.30pm.  Darn!  😦  Gave up the search and ended up at Grub which wasn’t too bad as well.

IMG_4315Was in the mood for some fish and the Fish Burger had always been something that I had wanted to try but never got the chance.  So I thought I grabbed the chance to.  Topped up $2 for the mentaiko dip which went oh-so-well with the fries.  Was satisfied after the failed attempt to get my prata coins craving fixed.

IMG_4316And I couldn’t leave Grub without having some of the famed Churros.  The Man indulged me but he did warn me that eating Churros is actually quite bad since its deep-fried and I could get a sore throat from this.  Aww… Ok, no more churros for me next time.  🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetBut guess what?  I did my Prata Coins fix eventually!!!  🙂  The Man popped by the stall after golf lesson one morning, waited to pack this and specially delivered this to work.  I didn’t really care that it was a little soggy, just happy to be able to sink my teeth into one of these!  If you are wondering, whoa this gal’s got a big appetite.  Well, I did share this with the rest of my colleagues and ate 2.  Hehe..

4 thoughts on “Count my blessings

  1. libbyty says:

    So sweet of your hubs ! 🙂 And that mentaiko dip with the fries sounds awesome !! Enjoy while you can .. I’m really missing pregnancy .. I honestly think its much more fun than the first month of having a baby 🙂

    • Lady J says:

      Yeah, he is! The mentaiko dip actually is very good. There is a full order of this complete with nori topping that you should try. We went for a smaller portion.

      As for enjoying the pregnancy, thanks for the tip! That’s what many friends told me, the pregnancy journey is way much more fun when bb is inside. I’m just enjoying the journey and taking it a step at a time. 🙂

  2. csary says:

    Such a sweet daddy to be.. am sure he will be a great daddy! Enjoy the final few weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy is the best bonding a mother can ever have with the baby. Only u can feel the baby. Enjoy!

    • Lady J says:

      Yea what you said is true.. it truly is the best kind of bonding a mom can have with the baby. I do enjoy this feeling. 🙂 Hope bb C is doing well, can’t wait to meet him!

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