The long weekend saw us scooting off to a couple of parties.  One held specially for the bf@w’s fur-kiddo who just turned one and another for my niece and god-son who also is turning one.


A party held in honour of a special furry pal where Sparky was the other only furry pal invited to the party.  Held at iii-Cafe, we are just glad that a pet-friendly cafe in the East still exists.  Many that we know of is no longer pet-friendly and it’s kinda sad for us, pet-lovers just want a place to hang out with our furry ones once in a while.  I guess, the flip-side to this argument could be that the furry ones are a nuisance to the patrons.  Well, it’s a battle with limited answers.

The happiest dog on the block has to be the birthday boy and Sparky who because of his sheer size got to eat almost half of Horlick’s cake.  We believe that he thought he was the birthday boy instead.  Sheesh!!  Thanks again bf@w for the invite and wishing Horlick’s many more good years to come as he continues to bring joy and happiness into your lives.  🙂

IMG_4842Next, a joint birthday celebration for my sweet niece who turns 3 and our god-son who is turning one!  These milestones for kiddos especially when they turn one are important so a bigger party is thrown for family and friends.  As we looked around us and saw kids running around, the Man and I looked at each other and remarked, in under 2 months, that’s what our lives could possibly become!  Parties with kiddos and kid-friendly stuff in the day rather than late-night boozing under the stars.  How is that going to turn out?  We will let you know when that time comes.

Sitting around and chatting with my cousin-in-law and sister about parties for kids, we commented that we’d always wanted to attend or have a party at McDonald’s, for during our time, it was THE coolest party to attend as kids.  It’s probably passé now, but if we were to organise one for Bun, it would probably to fulfill our childhood desires.  So watch this space!  Hehe


2 thoughts on “Parties

  1. Don says:

    Hi, you can try Zhongshan Park at Balestier. There are some eateries there and there’s one where they have some tables outside and beside a small patch of grass area – have seen families bringing their dogs where the dogs get to run around on the grass area.

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