IMG_4768Full term is about 40 weeks but anytime between 36 weeks onwards, baby could arrive.  So that’s what really got me panicking folks!  Having said that, any changes to how I’m feeling other than growing Bump?  I do feel tired easily these days, but adrenaline keeps me going.  That plus my weekly dose of home-made Chicken Essence which I take on days when the workload is heavier.  My appetite hasn’t been that great either.  Perhaps Bun is just pushing the stomach and if I were to take a huge meal, chances are I get the occasional heart-burn coupled with indigestion for the rest of the day.  Yea, third tri blues they say.  So I try to eat many small meals a day if I can which I find helps.

Clothing-wise?  Choices are starting to be limited so I will probably just rotate the pieces that fit Bump for now with the few pieces of maternity wear that I got.  Let’s see! 😉

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