Talk about nesting…

Well, I didn’t know that panicking and getting ready for Bun’s arrival actually had a term for it until the sister remarked that I’m in a nesting phase.  Went online to check and according to this article from What to expect, yup, I seemed to have checked most of the boxes.  Actually, I think I’m more in a state of panic rather than nesting for other than clothes, it didn’t feel like we got much done.

So for the past week or so, panic mode got the better of me.  Compiled all the lists that friends shared with me and consolidated one on my own.  We eventually settled on our cot and it’s coming next week.  🙂  I got my butt of the chair and finally cleared out an entire wardrobe for her.


We braved the Baby Expo and got the Cocoonababy which I’m hoping (fingers and toes all crossed) that it works since it’s so darn expensive!  We also got our baby monitor and sorted out Bun’s cord banking at the fair.  The first day was massive madness and it was nearly impossible to even window-shop.  There were some good deals to be picked up but the crowds were scary.  Plus, the Man is not a big fan of the crowds, so I’m just lucky that he went with me despite the grumbling.  😉

IMG_4777After Baby Expo, I was raring to go since it was the holiday and the Man was with me.  We ended up at Ikea to buy wardrobe organisers for me to stack her stuff.  Then to Baby Kingdom in Eunos to get more random stuff like baby dish-washing liquid, detergent, rubber changing mat, etc.  Managed to also pick up a changing station for S$150 which we thought was a pretty good deal.  S highly recommended getting one of these so that all of baby’s stuff can be easily retrievable when you are changing baby.

IMG_4785I started sorting out the clothes and organising some of her swaddles into the drawer organisers that we got.  Threw in some lovely scented drawer linens into the wardrobe and am secretly pleased how much we managed to achieve in a day.  Next?  Just a couple more essentials to get, laundry to do and to organise her bedroom in anticipation for her arrival.

Almost there…. it’s all coming together slowly and I’m hoping everything will fall into its place.

Do you believe in the nesting instinct?  If yes, what are some of the things you did to prep for your lil’ one’s arrival?  🙂


7 thoughts on “Talk about nesting…

  1. csary says:

    That’s a lot to achieve all in a day. Quite true on nesting.. I had this sudden urge to stuff prior to caden unexpected early arrival.

    Take care of yourself too while getting ready all the stuff.

  2. Esther says:

    looks like you are almost ready girl! 😉 for me, this second kid is gonna inherit all of Colette’s stuff so no need to shop! but we are moving soon so I’m definitely panicking about the packing and unpacking!

    • Lady J says:

      Hehe.. We hope so too.. I guess one can never be too ready for whatever Baby throws at ya. Nice that the second kiddo is gonna inherit Colette’s stuff, I’m sure it’s all in tip-top condition. As for the moving, now, that’s gonna be stressful so pls get all the help you need! Movers – a must and life-saver! 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    My nesting phase lasted 2 months! Because I had so much rubbish to clear. I actually found my secondary school textbooks and notes. That’s how much junk i’ve got. Looks like you are all ready for the little one’s arrival!

    • Lady J says:

      It’s great that you got a head-start! I’m sure you accomplished a lot more with the time! I wish I started earlier rather than later. But well, at least I did get stuff done. Hehe…

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