The progress thus far…

IMG_4699Man, time flies.. can’t believe 29 weeks have just whizzed us by.  Bump is growing well, in fact, it’s a lot bigger now!  Thanks to the good food that we’ve pumped Bun with over the course of the week.  This was taken rather early during the trip where I could still fit into a loose shirt buttoned all the way down.  You can’t really see Bump here but side angle, one could see the protruding belly.  But having said that, we were still extra careful during rush hour in Tokyo.  The Man was my constant protector making sure that  I was well supported while walking up and down the stairs in the subway.  🙂

IMG_4551Ok, here’s another not-so-great shot of Bump in the subway.  Yeah, we spend a lot of time in the subway so cam-whored while waiting for train.  I kid you not right?  Bump has expanded like overnight!!  Finding it hard to fit into my usual stash of tees now and wonder how long before I will start raiding the Man’s wardrobe to steal his tees.  Any one of you gals done that before?  Pray, tell.  Or is that strictly a no, no?

IMG_4473On a vain note, I kinda love this pic that the Man took of me after dinner one evening.  I was tired and we had just finished a full meal over at Ropponggi.  I nudged the Man to go for a short walk to see the Cherrry Blossoms all lighted up in pink over at Tokyo Midtown.  He obliged and while we marveled at the amazing sight that nature with the help of technology had to offer.  I turned over and ask him to quickly snap a pic of me.  Lighting wasn’t that great but once he turned on the flash function, I was pleasantly surprised how this pic turned out!  🙂  And I didn’t even put make-up to begin with.  Hur hur…

In other news on prep for Bun’s arrival, we managed to get some of her stuff in Toks.  For the big items, we are left with the cot and the changing station which we are determined to get by this weekend.  We’ve also braced ourselves to rough it out at the biggest Baby Fair this coming weekend to get diapers, toiletries, bedding, this Cocoonababy which I’m pretty fixated on getting after hearing a friend plus Mag rave about it, etc.

We’ve also somewhat mentally figured where we will be placing Bun’s cot and some of Bun’s items in our spare room.  We won’t be converting it into a full nursery yet as we are thinking of doing a minor renovation to our place but this will only take place when Bun arrives.  Now, all that’s left?  For me to clear out more wardrobe space so that I properly organise all of Bun’s stuff.  Fingers crossed!!!

3 thoughts on “The progress thus far…

  1. Trophee says:

    Hi Joanne

    I’ve been silently following your blog for some time now since I stumbled upon it while looking for dining recommendations. Though a bit late, I felt I had to break my silence to say congratulations on the pregnancy! There is a certain joy and anticipation in seeing one’s tummy grow bigger despite the physical discomfort. Your journal on preparing for parenthood has brought back many memories of my own experience. My boy is now 4 and we’re hoping for another blessing if age and health permits.
    Best wishes to your family and look forward to meeting your little one.

  2. Lady J says:

    HI Trophee,

    Thanks for following my blog and for your sweet wishes! 🙂 You’re right.. depsite the physical discomfort, there is joy in seeing Bump grow bigger by the day. The prep for parenthood is indeed very exciting too despite a little stressful. 🙂 Do pop by with a comment once a while and I do hope your family will be blessed with another one soon! 🙂

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