Sakura viewing in 2014

Couldn’t have picked for a better location than to spend one of our last trips for the next couple of months before Bun’s arrival than Tokyo.  A trip really different from the rest where we spent most of the time just walking around the city in a leisurely fashion and looked for places to eat rather than shopping.

Speaking of shopping, my buys were far more conservative than the Man’s and Bun’s.  🙂  We got Bun several sets of new clothes plus those uber soft Japanese towels that were oh-so-expensive but we figured that the years of mileage would be justifiable.  Oh-kay, I digressed.

L1010140On Monday, we were greeted with warm sunshine and clear blue skies, so we decided to make a picnic out of the afternoon and headed down to Shinjuku National Park for some sakura viewing.

L1010141 L1010143I was also careful what we packed for our lunch picnic after suffering from ‘food coma’ (ie: indigestion and heartburn) the night before, so we bought assorted items and walked away with my fave loaf of Chocolate bread from Johan Paris from Ginza.  That’s our picnic-do that we hastily put together.  Bread, some fruit, karage for the Man and a Katsu (pork loin) with egg sandwich from Maisen.  It made for a satisfying quick-lunch! 🙂

L1010145With no prep whatsoever, we were thankful for the weather and the dry ground that allowed us to basically sprawl across the green without any picnic-mats.  The rest of the people we saw came prepared but I guess all can be forgiven on our end since we were tourists.  ;p  The Park was pretty crowded too for a Monday!  Guess people just wanted to take advantage of the great weather to view the flowers before they all go away.

So after lunch, we took a leisurely walk around the Park for more photos and just appreciate the wonder of the Cherry Blossoms.





L1010164This is truly our fave time to be in Tokyo – Spring and Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)!  Simply beautiful and magical!  🙂

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