Sweet tooth

Bun has a sweet tooth and I can’t help finishing my meal with something sweet over here in Tokyo!

Here’s what we found the past couple of days even though we have walked past these stalls several times before. Finally decided to try out their offerings.

First stop one late noon which kinda caused my food coma – Akebono Ginza – a traditional Japanese sweets stall that stood the test of time and still holds a dear place in many of the locals.

The Man has a soft spot for strawberries so we tried this special rice cake with a juicy strawberry enveloped with red bean paste. Interesting texture and the strawberry was fresh so it was pretty easy to finish this chewy rice cake up.

Can’t even remember the countless times we have passed by Manneken, a small Belgian waffle stall with long queues. After dinner one evening, we were pleased to see that the queue somewhat eased up so I egged the Man to share dessert with me. Well, he almost couldn’t resist having the strawberry waffle since it was the special for the month. 😉


Okay, pics weren’t that great but the strawberry waffle we had was really good. Crispy and flavorful with strawberry essence, I truly enjoyed the after-dinner treat. We also shared this waffle sandwich with rare cream cheese thinking that it was ice-cream in between. Unfortunately, it was cream and I couldn’t stomach anymore cream so the Man ate it all up. ;). Phew for me and Bun!


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