Attack of the Giant Avocado

Remember the giant avocado that the lil Sis gifted me with?  Sure was tough trying to come up with enough dishes to excite the palette and use up the giant fruit.  In the end, here’s what I did with the 3/4 of the avocado that I’ve been left with (after baking that cake):

Part 2 of avocado was eaten with a wholemeal cranberry bread.  Tucked in between the crusty bread was avocado slices drizzled with honey.  Enjoyed it thoroughly as a hearty breakfast.  Know what else goes well with avocado?  Bak Kwa!  I kid you not!  We had some bak kwa left in the fridge so I had that as a sandwich with avocado slices.  As strange as it sounds, the combi actually rocks!

IMG_3962For dinner, avocado was served alongside as a salad with balsamic vinegar and cracked pepper.  Baked a chicken breast with teriyaki sauce to go along with the rich and creamy avocado slices.  Not sure if it made for a healthy meal but it was pretty enjoyable as a some-what light dinner.


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