Baby Moon

We wanted to take one last trip before I’m officially grounded from flying.  Toyed with several locations, should it be a beach vacation or a city holiday?  We eventually decided the latter for the Man thought it would be good to squeeze in some walking during the holiday instead of just lying by the pool.  Since I couldn’t really drink either, the beach vacations that we had before (which largely involved alcohol) might not be quite as fun.

As for the location, I didn’t want somewhere too far as I would just be stepping into the third trimester and not sure how that will unfold.  So it was kinda a no-brainer for us to head back to our fave city in the whole wide world before we become parents – Tokyo!

SONY DSCWill be taking a week in Japan and probably just staying in Tokyo the whole time.  We probably be eating lots and just taking it easy this time.  Hope we are also in time to catch the Cherry Blossoms so fingers and toes crossed for that to happen!  🙂

Still taking my time to compile a list of things to do and see in the city, so if you have any recommendations, do send them along this way!  Thanks very much in advance!


3 thoughts on “Baby Moon

  1. Jayne choo says:

    Hello lady J! You look so glowing and radiant in all your photographs! Without trying to put you off unnecessarily, can I please ask what your obgyn has advised re. eating/drinking/travelling to Japan? It’s just that I found many conflicting sources of info, obviously raw fish is not allowed, but I have also been nagged at about wanting to take a holiday to Tokyo!

    Seeing as you are on the ball, I thought maybe you can share the advice from your obgyn? Thank you! Wishing you a cherry blossom-filled baby moon!


    • Lady J says:

      Thanks Jayne for your compliments!! My obgyn is actually pretty cool about going to Japan for it’s one of his fave places to go as well. So when we told him we were going to go there, he didn’t object violently. Neither did he object about the sushi/ sashimi.

      I guess there will always be varying opinions that people will have about the place (ie: radiation, food, etc). You can take it with a pinch of salt and just do what you think is best for yourself. For us, it’s really all about ‘everything in moderation’. Hope that helps!

  2. Jayne choo says:

    That was very helpful indeed Lady J, it’s good to see things from a different angle! Enjoy the baby moon and the rest of your pregnancy!!

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