And just like that…

IMG_3044Dear Bun,

Haven’t been doing a good job with this journal writing thing that I’ve set out to do.  Sheesh!  Although, to my defense, I do cherish our  daily heart-to-heart talks that I have in my head with you.  🙂

The second trimester, many have told me IS the honeymoon period.  While we haven’t quite as yet stepped into the third trimester, I must say the second has been good to me.  My appetite has picked up, energy levels have improved and I just feel generally pretty good.  Some nights I even stay pass our bedtime and your daddy is amazed that I could do so.  Well, let’s just say the supper is an incentive for staying up pass our bedtime.  Hehe..

Cravings?  I think you love sweets!  Waffles, pancakes, choco cake seem to make me happy and I like to think that you play a part in contributing to the cravings.  Of late, I’ve been dreaming of Prata, let’s see if we do eventually get to eat it.

Last but not least, those fluttering butterflies and bubbles popping sensation have been replaced by stronger kicks, twists-and-turns as you now grow bigger in my belly.  I love the nightly talks that I have with you before turning in.  The feeling of you making waves and moves in my belly as we talk to you and ask if you like the names that we have shortlisted for you.  I love that you respond actively to Daddy, kicking and gurgling when he speaks to you and shares some of the plans that we have made for you.  It feels my heart with so much love and joy to see you both bonding this way and we really can’t wait to meet you!

Just a couple more days to go before we next see you at Doctor C’s scan, till then, keep growing my lil’ one!  🙂

Love always: Your Mummy


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