It’s been trying…

They say the mood of a pregnant mom will affect the baby, so I try.  I try to keep my spirits high.  Try to banish those hateful people out of my life and try to maintain a happy aura all round so as to have a happy baby.  But try as I might, I’m a worrier by nature.  And sometimes, these seeping moments of worry, anguish and pain do seep into my thoughts and then I no longer feel safe.

Drama?  Emo?  Maybe?  It’s a struggle.  I wish I kept my mouth shut and wished that things didn’t happen but well, it did.  So I pray for courage and grace to let it go and move on.


2 thoughts on “Trying..

  1. e says:

    It’s the hormones working my dear! Have faith and everything will work out. Sending +ve vibes your way!
    Hugs ~ e & little e

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