Bump watch

Cheeks are fuller and bump is also getting bigger as well.  I feel a lot heavier and at times, I actually wonder if I’m waddling.  It’s true what they say, some pregnant ladies waddle!  Arh!!!IMG_4048

I’m also at the near-end phase of the stage of denial.  Early this week, I was still pulling out my pre-pregnancy clothes and wishing plus hoping that I could still fit into them.  The Man just rolled his eyes at me whenever I ask if the outfit looks decent enough to be worn out.   Well, today, I decided to break into some of the maternity wear that I’ve been stocking up.  Got a couple of stares at the office and some congratulated me when they saw Bump in ‘full glory’.

IMG_3941I wasn’t quite sure about this Asos maternity bodycon dress in blocked floral print initially.  Love the design for it’s pretty Pucci-print inspired but wasn’t quite sure about the fit.  More importantly, I was worried if unflattering bits will show up in this somewhat tight-fitting dress.  Then a friend shared that I might as well make the most of my curves and bump during my pregnancy, plus unless I’m stick-thin or have the right curves in all the right places, I probably will never be able to pull off a bodycon dress.  Well, what she said made sense.  So I summoned the courage (thanks to a discount Asos had) and popped the dress into my cart.

Well, I guess the dress didn’t look all too bad on me.  Let’s see how much mileage I will get out of this piece.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Bump watch

  1. MissusTay says:

    not sure if my previous comment got through.

    i was saying how nice that only the bump is growing! you look slim everywhere and i’m sure you don’t look pregnant from the back!

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