Trying to eat healthy during pregnancy

IMG_3803Say what?  Bump has definitely increased and it’s interesting to see how I will balloon from now onwards as we are slowly inching towards the third trimester.  Speaking of which, I do feel that energy levels are slowly dwindling and my back is also starting to ache a little more.  Bump seems to be getting in the way of things when I sit down and I do have to move my chair a little further back instead of all the way in front now.

Hunger levels or pangs are starting to increase, so I really do try to keep my diet to a healthy level but eating more fruits and vegetables instead of reaching for a bag of chips.  The latter seems to be more attractive but I try to remind myself that whatever I put in my mouth, Bun will also be tasting it.  I still do crave for sweets now and then so I do allow myself an occassional treat of a chocolate tart or even Maccas.  Arh, Maccas never tasted so good until now.

Thought I also share this article – Pregnancy foods (10 foods to eat during each trimester) which I found on Huffington Post which makes for an interesting read.  So load up on the right foods and stay healthy if you are preggers too!  🙂

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