In love with these fabrics

Ever since I’ve set my eyes on these gorgeous designs from Sarah Jane, there has been no turning back for me.  In preparation for Bun’s arrival, I actually contemplated making a quilt using the fabric from Sarah Jane. We all know how that went for I have zero knowledge on quilting, plus making a hand-sewn quilt would be really tough.

IMG_3770So I opted the lazy way out, went on Etsy, popped a couple of these super gorgeous fabric from the Wee Wander fabric  collection into the cart and paid for them.  Am patiently waiting for them to arrive in the mail to see what I can do with them for Bun.  I seriously think that they will make really cute pillow covers or they could even be popped into a frame to dress up the makeshift nursery that we are attempting to put together!  Ooh whatever it is, I really hope the final products for these will turn out pretty!!!

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