Getting the right support

[Note: this post will contain information about boobies.  If you are not interested, then skip it and come by another day. ;)]

During pregnancy, on top of the bulging tummy, one also has to deal with other upper bodily parts namely the boobs that are also growing.   I asked my sis if there was a need to get new maternity bras but she said I could make do with the existing ones, so I did until it really got too uncomfortable one day.  Yup, to the point when I actually felt a bit tight in the chest area.

The Man thought I was insane trying to squeeze the boobs into my current collection of bras so he nagged me to get new ones which I was so glad I did! I did a quick search online on wearing underwired bras during pregnancy and this article on Babycenter did shed some light. No more underwire bras for me for now if I can help it.  Shopping for new maternity lingerie would take priority for now.

Over the weekend, we did some major shopping to update the lingerie department for the next couple of months as I approach the third trimester.  Initially, I was a little confused as to what type of bras I should be getting.. would it be maternity bras or should I just go straight to nursing bras since technically I could wear the latter for now and the mileage will definitely be there till the arrival of Bun when I would need to nurse her.  So I ended up getting a mixture of both.  I think I did fairly well on stocking up on maternity / nursing bras for now so here’s my compilation of a list of places which you could get the items.


Spring Maternity:
This is top of my list and I would definitely recommend getting nursing bras from Spring Maternity.  The collection offered is pretty decent, designs are pleasing to the eye, wearable and most importantly, reasonably priced.  I ended up with a fancy one for work and a basic Macy bamboo bra for everyday use.  I probably would head back there again to stock up on more nursing bras if ever needed.

mothers en vogue:
Happened to pass by mothers en vogue while checking out the Mothercare moving out sale over at Centrepoint.  Was looking for a basic pair of maternity work pants but ended up looking at the maternity lingerie collection.  What caught my eye was the seamless demi maternity-nursing bra in nude pink and grey.  They were on offer and they looked really soft and comfortable to sleep in.  S recommended that I get a couple of sleeping bras for nursing purposes as the boobies may leak while you sleep through the night during breastfeeding.  Couldn’t pass up on an offer plus I figured I could also wear them for yoga so these went into my shopping bag instead of the basic work pants.

Marks and Spencer:
Considered to be the most expensive of the lot, I did check out the nursing bras offered but couldn’t bring myself to pay S$99 for a nursing bra (yup, I can be quite cheapo).  So I ended up getting a pair of basic bras in a larger cup-size for daily use.  The bras are comfy but I don’t think I will much mileage from it during nursing.  I also got them in a just right size which was a mistake because I’m not sure if the boobies will grow bigger.  Arh well, thank goodness we had shopping vouchers that paid for these items.

If you are desperate and lazy to head down to the stores, online shopping to the rescue!  Qoo10 needs little introduction for they sell a ridiculous amount of stuff there.  S suggested heading there to shop for nursing necessities if needed and since I was rather bored and tired of going to all these different stores, that’s what I did.  Ended up with a total of 3 more sleep bras from these retailers: Baby Kids and Whoopza Daisy Online Store.   Think I have sufficient sleep bras for now to rotate for about a week so I better stop buying those.   Thank goodness these are pretty easy on the pocket! ;p

There you have it, my list of places to shop for maternity/ nursing bras.  If you know of others I should check out, do share them here.  If all else fails, do at least get some bra extensions to extend the life of your current collection of bras if needed.  It’s really important to feel comfortable unlike moi who felt like as I was choking due to ill-fitted bras as boobies grew bigger.  Yikes!

One take-away from this episode? It’s really important to get the right kind of support during pregnancy – both physically as well as emotionally to support your changing body!  🙂

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