Getting somewhere…

IMG_3669So we’ve been to a grand total of 3 baby fairs, thinking that each time we will strike gold and get all the stuff that we need for Bun.  But unfortunately, so far I think that if you’ve been to one, you pretty much been to all.  I can’t say much for the baby fair held at the Expo for that’s apparently supposed to be pretty good, but the ones that we been to didn’t leave a good impression on us other than the crowds.

Hoping for some decent bargains, we went with high hopes for the first 2 fairs.  Perhaps we weren’t very enthusiastic about getting stuff.  The cots on display didn’t really make us go goo-goo-ga-ga over them.  I guess we had in mind the perfect white cot.  We’ve shortlisted one that we both really liked at a store over at Wheelock, a tad bit pricey but it’s the nicest we’ve seen so far.  So we will wait and probably get round to purchasing it some time in April.

The other stuff?  Well, we did make some progress today.  Finally settled on an infant car seat and a stroller on a bundle deal.   Also got these pair of cute pony socks for Bun.  Sparky was definitely intrigued with the item and made a bite for it thinking its his new toy.  In other news, I’ve been told to clear out some of my wardrobe space for Bun.  Been putting that off for a while now so no excuse but to get down to it.  Yikes!

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