It’s visible…

For most part of the pregnancy, I’ve been trying to keep my weight gain on a steady level.  Yup, despite the crazy cravings, I do try to do everything in moderation.  I have a really strict gynae who watches each and every of his patient’s weight gain like a hawk.  So prior to each visit to the gynae, I do get a little stressed out and hope that I’m within the target range so that I would escape his scolding.

I’m a little crazy as well, I step on the weighing scale almost every other morning to see how I’m doing on the weight gain and that’s despite the Man chiming at the top of this voice, ‘You’re having a baby!’ when I get a little downcast as the digital scale adds another figure to my weight.

IMG_3633And just like that, we’ve crossed the 24 weeks mark and I seemed to have ballooned over the course of the week.  Yup, there’s no mistaking that it’s now a baby bump and not food belly.  Just last night, I was rummaging through the wardrobe hoping to fit into my work pants with a loose top.  Pulled out a couple of pants and the Man told me I should just stick to proper maternity wear from now on.  So I caved in, we went shopping for new stretchy bottoms and proper lingerie since the boobies are also getting bigger.

Let’s see how the next couple of weeks go as Bump looks set to grow bigger. I’m also stalking the maternity section at Asos for some good buys so hopefully they will update their Spring/Summer selection soon!


2 thoughts on “It’s visible…

    • Lady J says:

      Thanks babe for your kind words! And you are right about ASOS.. some pieces are really hit and miss. I took your advice to get some stuff from Old Navy as well so I hope that fits. 🙂

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