Let the good times roll..

IMG_3533Probably not the best shot of the entire group but basically this sums up the crazy fun that we had with the awesome crew at Villa Montfort (St Anton) from Kaluma Travel. BIG shout-out to our special ‘Chalet Girls’ – Katie, Amelie and Beth for taking such great care of us.  The pick-up came on time and I didn’t have time to zip down to the basement to bid you gals farewell.  😦 So, if you are reading this, a big thank you and it’s been nice knowing you ladies.  Special shout-out to Katie too who was extra sweet to me during our stay.  Thanks for spending time with me on the couch and watching PLL and TVD!  It was great having the extra company and enjoy the rest of the season!  Do drop me a line so that we can keep in touch too!

Now, where to next for our snowboarding adventures?  Beats me!  I just hope I can remember the moves and grooves instead of tumbling down the hill.

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