Taking a walk on the slopes

IMG_3502A little mountain air would do Bun some good.  So it’s nice that the pals would try and meet me for lunch.  This time, I took a gondola up to Rendl Restaurant to meet up with them.  The restaurant was just at the gondola so it was perfect for me for I didn’t have to walk on the icy slopes for fear of slipping and falling.  @-@

IMG_3501This was an accidental order of Alcohol-free beer.  Since no one fancied the taste of it, they gave it to the pregger lady (moi).  Didn’t taste all that great but I do miss beer now that I can’t have it.  Darn!

IMG_3510The backdrop also made for some lovely selfies taken on the slopes (courtesy of my Neon Sista).  🙂


Can’t see it here but Bump is getting bigger thanks to all the good food that the team at Villa Montfort has been feeding us with.  I had to ask them to make my portions smaller but still it was too much!  Doc isn’t going to be too happy with my weight-gain when we see him the next time.  Yikes!


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