Checking out: Das Schindler

IMG_3427Took a day trip out to Innsbruck and after checking out the town, we decided to head for a good meal to rest my legs.  Found Das Schindler after a recommendation by Trip Advisor, wasn’t sure if the lunch menu was available but we gave it a shot anyway.  Arrived at about 12.45pm but there were no tables available, so we waited for about 30 minutes before eventually getting a seat.

IMG_3425 Lunch menu was pretty good value for money.  2 course set menu cost EUR 18.90 and above.  I went for the 2 course and the Man, naturally, selected the 3 course one.  The menus are all in German but the servers there are pretty friendly so they will offer to translate the dishes for you in English.

IMG_3429The Man went for the mixed meat hamburg with potato puree and vinegared carrots.  It was pretty good that tiny bite that I had.  Was pretty sick of meat by now for the Austrian cuisine is really heavy on meats, so I really wanted more veggies in the meal if possible.

IMG_3428I went with the vegetarian option instead.. a carb-laden pasta with rocket, tomatoes and parmesan.  Yup, despite being heavy on the carbs, it was refreshing for me.  Having the rocket was good for the digestive system which was getting tired of meats.

IMG_3430And it appears I can’t seem to say no to desserts these days.  Well, the non-pregger me would only have a spoon or two, but the pregger me is actually craving for sweets especially after a meal.  So I guess I get the off-pass.  ;p  In moderation, of course.  The Man went for the St Helene pear with chocolate sauce drizzled liberally over the braised pear and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

IMG_3431I didn’t know what to expect from this Nougatine dessert that our server was trying to describe.  But nougatine and perhaps the promise of chocolate sounds good enough for me.  And it was!  Had one of this amazing floured balls with a tinge of cream cheese and milky chocolate oozing out was simply divine!

IMG_3433Yums!  Polished this off with my 1 cuppa caffeine quota a day and it made for a lovely day out other than being stuck in the chalet while the rest went out to play.  🙂


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