Penning down my first..


Dear Bun,

I’ve been wanting to write you a letter but never quite got round to doing so.  It’s been a whirlwind roller coaster ride since we discovered your existence.  Our lives completely changed when we saw you – that little blob – appear on the screen.  Actually, it’s kinda funny cos it took all of 3 pregnancy kits before we eventually made our way down to the Doc.  Yup, you read right, 3!  Mummy here is a ‘cheapo’ and went for the cheapest kit initially.  Result was incoherent.  You would think that I would have gone for the Clear Blue kit but I went for another sub-brand of Clear Blue.  The lines weren’t clear enough for me so bit the bullet and paid for the most expensive kit!  Viola!  🙂

Your daddy has actually forbidden me to post any of your scans on this blog but I couldn’t resist posting just these 2 pics of you in utero.  Just these 2 ok (for now)?

IMG_20131129_1_1I love this pic of you in the womb.  Looks like you’re doing a somersault, happily bobbing along in mummy’s watery womb.  At about 10 weeks, you were tiny too but look how you’ve grown.

IMG_20140106_1_2We also super love this pic of you!  It looks like you were waving at the both of us during the scan, as if to tell us, ‘Hey, you guys, I’m your bubba!’

We just got to see how you’ve grown a couple of days back and it really feels assuring that you are growing plus keeping yourself busy with inside mommy’s womb. Till our next visit, keep on growing our little one.  🙂

Love always: Your mommy


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