Valentine’s Day

IMG_3201Valentine’s Day.. it has become like a non-event for the Man and I.  Just like any ordinary day, we go about our usual stuff except perhaps to greet one another with a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ during the day for the fun of it.  On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of on-goings that happened for today at the Company.

Received a handmade card from the bf@w!  She’s so sweet!  She made cards for everyone on the team!!  How she found time to do it, I really don’t know but was really touched by the note.  Another colleague gave all of us a box of cookies.  But what really was the icing on the cake was this sweet mini bouquet of flowers that the ‘sons’ gave me and G.  I call them ‘sons’ because their nick for me is ‘Mum’ at work.  Kinda funny if you ask me but they are really a nice bunch of young colleagues that I met through the course of work.

IMG_3208 As for dinner plans?  The Man had wanted to cook me a feast to cheer me up since I had been nursing a really bad cough for almost a week now.  But he fell sick so we decided to stay in instead.  Stopped at the supermarket on the way home, picked a couple of ingredients and whipped up this simple pot pie.  Pretty yummy if I may add, so I will share the recipe here just so I can remember the steps in future.  Hehe..

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetLastly, what’s a Valentine’s Day without an excuse to shop?  I got myself a little perk-me-up just because I couldn’t resist the colour of this wallet and did I mention that it’s in my fave type of material at the moment.  🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day all and whether you are spending it in a small or big way, may it be with someone special! 


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