There’s a first for everything!  Yup, even for being first-time parents.  As much as you would like to have it, ‘Life’ does not come with a manual.  Parenting does come with tons of literature out there but a ‘Must-Read/ Must-Buy/ Know-it-all Instruction Manual’ best-seller?  I highly doubt it.  Go figure.

So yes, we are at the state where we are figuring this new phase in our lives called parenting.

First up, what to buy?  Friends asked if we started shopping for the baby yet.  Perhaps they know what a shopaholic I am and that it probably would be the first thing that would keep my mind and hands preoccupied.  Unfortunately, no again.  For I honestly don’t know where to begin.  What stroller to buy, what brand of breast pumps, feeding bottles, shampoo, diapers, etc. to get?  Parenting is a whole new ball game altogether and we don’t really want to fall into the trap of get everything and figure out what we really need.  Instead, we decided to take the other approach.  Get what we really need, then figure out if we really need the 1001 things that people out there recommend.

So, probably no stroller for us at the moment simply because the Man and I can’t seem to agree which one we want.  He wants something that he can push Bun along on his runs.  While I really want something functional and lightweight for me to manage on my own if I bring Bun out. But let’s see, I might end up eating my own words :p.

We probably get a cot.  Ooh, I want to get a white one.  Haven gotten down to shopping for one yet but will do so within the next few weeks.  Some of the items, we are just going to rely on a couple of hand-me-downs or wait for Bun to arrive to see if we really need them.

If you are wondering, ‘Wait a minute… the Shopaholic didn’t buy anything for Bun?!’  Well, I did get a couple of things for Bun.  Mostly clothes because that to me is really the easiest to get.  Even while shopping for clothes, I put everything in my basket first and then slowly took them out piece by piece wondering if Bun will outgrow them soon enough.  I know Bun probably would, which is why my shopping purchases have also been rather conservative. *winks at the Man… Although I know he doesn’t feel that way.  Hehe…

IMG_2719How cute is this onesie from Carters with a doggy print!

Now, about that baby must-buy list, time to get off our butts and really sit down and think hard about what we really need to get.  😐   HELP!


2 thoughts on “Stumped!

  1. Mag says:

    I know exactly what you mean! I am sometimes lost even after friends go on and on with tips for a certain stroller or breast pump…

    Slowly does it. We’ll figure it out 😉

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