Checking out: Tim Ho Wan

What does one do when on leave?  Go suss out food places in the hope that they are no snaking queues.  Haha.. So that’s what I did.  Not interested to queue for a couple of hours at the Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Sing so the newly opened one at Bedok Mall suited me fine for it was pretty near our place.  Yl was also free that afternoon so we made an impromptu lunch-date out of this.

We arrived at about 12ish ahead of the crazy lunch crowds and scored a table within like 5 minutes.  Score!

IMG_2784The must-order 4 Heavenly Kings of Tim Ho Wan – the BBQ Char Siew Buns, Carrot Cake, Steamed ‘Ma Lai’ Cake and this…

IMG_2786Steamed rice rolls with liver.  I thought this was pretty good.

IMG_2785Most of the friends who have been to Tim Ho Wan think the place is over-rated.  I agree.  The dim sum is not superbly fantastic but it’s pretty decent.  The Char Siew Bun was soft with the char siew filling being sweet and tender.  I did enjoy this and it was good enough for me.

Visited the place again with Min over dinner one evening simply because it was close to home and there’s something comforting about a simple dim sum fare.  Nothing over the top, just don’t expect much and this can make a decent meal.


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