What’s in a name?

Friends have been asking us if we have decided on a name for Bun yet.  Well, funnily, over one night of merry-making with our friends, we kinda decided on a name for Bun but we are not quite sure of it yet.  It’s taking a while for us to sink in and get acquainted with the name.

We don’t want to rush for one should never mess with naming your kid.  First impressions do matter and what if, just what if people can’t pronounce the name correctly?  That would be a nightmare and the poor kiddo will probably be laughed at.  Wouldn’t want that for the kiddo.

Take for instance, the name – Shiobhan, pronounced as shiv + awn”.  I’ve heard of people pronouncing it as ‘Sio + ban’, totally butchering the name.  I’m guilty of that as well.  So, we are still researching names while shortlisting some.  It would be good if the name have a special meaning attached to it so that we can tell Bun in future how it came about.

My cousin very kindly loaned me her book of names and while flipping through the pages, this popped out and we couldn’t help but laugh!  ;p

IMG_2759Nope, this is not going to be Bun’s name but hey, it is a legitimate name and with a pretty cool meaning as well.  Just thought I share this #random titbit with you.  Hehe…


3 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. miss ene says:

    There are loads of western names that work perfectly well in Europe/America but will be terrible if bestowed on an Asian child. One example is Chase. Imagine a local child being called Chase. Pffft

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