Function of age?

Never thought I would developed a liking to croc leather.  They are exotic and I remember scoffing at people carrying them citing that ‘It’s for oldies!‘.  Guess who’s eating her own words now?

IMG_2995It all started here when I got my first look into exotics.   Loved the bag that I got from Ethan K and till this day, it’s one of my fave evening bags which seem to add a punk-chic vibe to the outfit.

I’ve been lusting for an exotic wallet thereafter but wasn’t prepared to burst a hole in my pocket on a wallet given that somehow they always give me grief after a few months.  I obviously am too rough with the wallet or perhaps the daily usage has taken a toil on its luster.  😦

During our recent trip to Tokyo, we were lucky enough to hit the sales.  Since I wasn’t really that keen on getting new clothes nor bags nor shoes, we went to check out the handbag / wallet department.  The yellow pop caught my eye and since it was of exotic heritage, I was drawn to it!  Price was pretty good as well, think 50% off the original price so the Man egged me on to get it.  🙂  IMG_2996Pretty pleased with my new buy which I brought out to play for the Lunar New Year!  Hehe….

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